The Canadian Independent [Feb 1, 1938]

The Canadian Independent

Editor: Stella Falk (1936-40)

The Canadian Independent (1936-40) was created to serve as a mouthpiece for the Independent Theatres Association, an alliance of theatre owners in Canada. It emerged in response to the industry's anti-competitive dynamics, aiming to provide a platform free from Hollywood distributors' influence and the monopolistic practices of the Famous Players Canadian Corporation. Edited by Stella Falk, the trade paper positioned itself as a champion for the interests of independent exhibitors, distinguishing its mission and editorial stance from other publications, notably the Canadian Moving Picture Digest (1917-57) edited by Ray Lewis. According to Falk, Lewis had become too much of an insider and was no longer interested in “fighting” for the independent exhibitor. This would lead to an eventual editorial dispute and libel lawsuit, which eventually resulted in a reorganization and rebranding under a new title of The Canadian Motion Picture Exhibitor (1940-41).

– Jessica Whitehead, March 2024

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