Prijs-Courant No. 1 van Tooverlantaarns, Sciopticons, (Dissolving Views). Model Stoom- en Electrische Machines [1896]

Catalog of Dutch enterprise Merkelbach and Co that offers various lanterns (sciopticons) in several sizes and accessories such as light sources (pages 3-30). On pages 31-51, some lantern slides are mentioned with an emphasis on moving and slipping slides, but this is not a complete list of lantern slides in stock of Merkelbach. In the second section ('Optische Afdeeling'), the catalogue lists other optical devices for education, toy and application such as microscopes, stereoscopes, magnifying glasses, model steam engines, model trains and ships, equipment for demonstrating electricity, batteries, electric doorbells, telephones, light bulbs, magnets, and a shadow theater. Merkelbach and Co. was one of the largest lantern and slide manufacturer in then Netherlands around 1900 and also produced children's toys. To learn more about the lantern and slide production of Merkelbach and Co., visit the Lucerna Magic Lantern Web Resource at .

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